It is a young concept born in Europe (German/Austria) around 20 years ago. It means that by the design process, the quality of the materials increase; material is a “formal waste” which is taken to create a more valuable good than before. Material keeps it as it was originally. At this special moment of our planet Earth, we must change our old perspective to consume things.

Upcycled. I use leftover material from the interior design industry and, once I have those pieces of material, it starts an inverse process that regular designers do. I design each product according to the size of material I took. All products are designed and made by designer Maria Chevez. Materials are NEW. As an architect (UNLP) I take care of the environment and the impact of waste on our planet. Selection of leather is the first thing I do. Then, I cut it with a rotative cutter, and finally I choose the hardware. I make the holes manually using a rotary leather punch. When you buy one of these accessories you are helping the environment.

Thank you for being conscientious about our planet!


María Chevez. Designer.

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